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Emily Graduates Space Academy!

Emily Wesley graduated NASA Space Academy on June 7th, where she was "given her wings" by Dr. Don Thomas, an astronaut who has logged over 1,000 hours in space! 

Emily is the second winner of the annual Forest Newby Space Camp Scholarship. Congratulations Emily, your future will be out of this world!

To learn more about Space Camp and Space Academy, click here

Enrollment for the 2020 Summer Space Camp enrollment is expected to open January 1st, 2020. Check back for details. 

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Marshall High School 8th grader Emily Wesley. She is the second winner of the annual Forest Newby Space Camp Scholarship, and will be going to Space Camp this summer. Keep checking in for updates on her adventure.

The Forest Newby Space Camp Scholarship is Now Open for Enrollment! 


The prize pays for the tuition for a week-long Space Camp program in Huntsville, Alabama, a $300 travel stipend, a flight suit, a digital photo album and lunch with an astronaut. The prize total is valued at $1,500. 

Applicants need to be a 7th through 10th grade student enrolled in the St. Joe school, or in the Searcy County School District. Follow the directions below to apply. Applications must be received by March 1st, 2019, and the winner must attend Space Camp in the summer of 2019. 

In order to apply, complete the three steps listed below:

     1. Download this parental consent form, fill it out and email a photo of it back to us at the             email address provided below. 

     2. Provide a three to five paragraph essay explaining why you think you should be chosen           for this exciting adventure. Include it in the email.

     3. Provide a Something Else. This can be a painting, a photo of a sculpture, a video           

         performance of you dancing or playing a musical instrument--anything that shows us 

         (and our judges) a little about your personality. For photos, include an image file in the 

         email. For video clips, include the Google Drive link in your email, and make sure 

         you've set permissions to share. 

    4. Email all content to  TerrapinHollowEducational@gmail.com no later than February 1st, 

        2019. Judge's decisions on this are final. Winner will be announced by April 1st, 2019

A print copy of these instructions can be downloaded here


The Forest Newby Space Camp Scholarship has a Winner! 


We'd like to congratulate Silas Chamberlain as the first winner of the Forest Newby Space Camp Scholarship. He has one a week-long stay at Space Camp, in Huntington, Alabama, plus a custom-fit flight suit, a digital photo album, lunch with an astronaut and $300 toward travel expenses. More than that, Silas has won an adventure that he won't soon forget. 


When our son went to Space Camp last year, he marveled at how many far-off places the kids came from. He worked on space-simulation challenges with kids from China, Canada, India and all parts of the US. We wish Silas a happy, memorable journey. 

The photo above is a reprint from the Marshall Mountain Wave, and the text reads:


"On February 23, Terrapin Hollow Educational Foundation announced Silas Chamberlain as this year's winner of the Forest Newby Space Camp Scholarship. Since the death of Forest Newby, the community donated approximately $9,000 to this scholarship fund. The plan is to send a child every year until the funds are exhausted. Silas' mother said, "So many people will be touched by this. This will change Silas forever. This will broaden his view of the world just by the experience. He will carry this with him for the rest of his life." The scholarship is valued at approximately $1,500 and pays for the tuition, a personal flight suit, lunch with an astronaut and a flash drive with an album of all the pictures. The family will also receive a $300 travel expense voucher. Pictured above (right to left) are Silas Chamberlain and Director of Terrapin Hollow Educational Foundation Steven Newby."

The Forest Newby Space Camp Scholarship is Now Open for Enrollment. 

One of Forest's last great adventures was attending Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. In his memory, we have set up a scholarship fund to send local children to Space Camp. At the present time, we've received donations enough to send five kids, one each year. If you would like to be a part of this exciting opportunity, please follow the directions below.

The application includes three pieces. Once you and your parents have completed all three pieces, please email them to terrapinholloweducational@gmail.com. If you need assistance with scanning our uploading documents to attach them to email, the nice staff at the Searcy County Public Library in Marshall have agreed to help out.


1. Please write a brief essay in 200 - 400 words to share with the judges why you want to go to NASA Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. Put your best effort into writing. It is appropriate to ask someone to check your spelling and grammar, as long as they do not suggest changes to your content.


2. Please demonstrate both your creativity and passion by creating "something else." This "something else" has to be transmitted to the judges electronically. Ideas include a brief video of you singing, dancing, or speaking. A photograph of your original drawing or painting. The purpose of this "something else" is for the judges to learn more about your personality and to see your passion and commitment to hard work. If you were to submit a painting, for example, they are not grading your skills at painting. Rather they want to see that you invested time and took care to express yourself in ways that weren't captured in the written essay.


3. The third piece is the Parental Agreement Form. This page needs to be printed, signed in blue or black ink, scanned, and emailed along with the essay and the digital file of the "something else." Applications without signatures will not be considered.


This wonderful opportunity is available only to students in Searcy County, Arkansas, who are in 7th or 8th grade during the 2017-2018 school year. 


A printable copy of these instructions can be found here.


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