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Our mission is to help develop the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. By offering entertaining, unique programs, we nurture the development of critical thinking, analytic thinking and problem solving skills--skills necessary for the next generation of leaders and job creators. Why do we do this? Because we want the best for our children. And when we see the scope and the passion of our children's dreams, we can't help but believe: every dream deserves a chance.

This page displays minutes from our board meetings, financial statements and other organizational data.

Board meetings are scheduled for the first Monday of every other month, unless specifically requested by members of the board.

2/11/15 -- Our third board meeting, somewhat delayed by weather and holiday plans, but better late than never. We finalized the schedule for the theater program and so on... Click here for the minutes.

10/14/14 -- Another board meeting. Click here for the minutes. This meeting was short and to the point, covering new appointments (Laura Daly--Treasurer) and details regarding the upcoming Kickstarter campaign

8/8/14 -- our first board meeting. Click here for the minutes. The meeting lasted entirely too long, but we had lots of coffee and got quite a bit accomplished. 


Steven Newby

JoMichael Stoddard

Toni Stafford Newby

Cynthia Cox


Steven Newby - President

Toni Stafford Newby - Secretary

Laura Daly - Treasurer

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