Terrapin Hollow Educational Foundation 

A Non-profit Multimedia Organization

Why Us?

We believe books hold ideas, and ideas should be talked about. Our aim is to inspire critical thinking in any way we can. Join our community conversations, and see how you can help.

Who We Are

At Terrapin Hollow Press, our goal is to produce engaging, quality books that inspire dialogue and critical thinking along a broad array of social, environmental and educational matters. Moreover, we aim to contribute positively to conscientious communities via online participation in blogs, forums, and through our website. Since dialogue is fundamental to our organisation, we will strive to facilitate deeper exploration of relevant concepts through the use of our free Discussion Guides, available on our website. 

 We believe books should be talked about. That means everyone should have a voice in the dialogue.

Steven Newby is the founder of Terrapin Hollow Press. When he's not running a small publishing company, he works on his Arkansas homestead, homeschools his two children, and is currently building an Earthship. His reading preferences are: scifi, intelligent thrillers, and non-fiction books that dumb down high-flying concepts enough for him to get it.